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Leadership Skills (Online)

eLearning Workshop (7 online modules)

This program can be delivered in-house or online. CLICK HERE for classroom description.

Workshop Description

Still available as an in-house 3-day workshop, PerspectiveView™ has created a unique online design, driven both by the onset of COVID-19 and clients’ enthusiasm for this course. You will discover that this program differs from a typical online program or Webinar because the key modules culminate with a private 1-on-1 coaching session to help integrate the skills successfully. The goal of this eLearning program is to ramp up your communication skills so you are able to apply the tools and models upon completing each module.

Leadership Skills consists of 7 modules. You will have two weeks to complete each module. The modules are to be studied sequentially and each follows these 5 procedural steps: 

LESSON (15-30 min.): This narrated PowerPoint presentation teaches and defines a specific set of skills.

DEMONSTRATION (5-10 min.): Following the lesson, this video shows a simulation of a lead using the skills taught during the lesson. 

WRITTEN TEST (15 min.): After watching the lesson and the demo, download the test, answer the questions, and return it to your coach/trainer. 

COACHING: (15 min.): In order to anchor the skills kinesthetically, you will have a 15-minute session with your coach/trainer where you will role-play the skills learned in the module. The session can only take place after you have completed the steps above. 

ACTION PLAN & POST ASSESSMENT (10 min.): At the completion of each module you will (a) pinpoint how you intend to use the skills learned in this module and (b) return to your Pre-Work (where you assessed yourself prior to starting the program) to revisit the questions that pertain to the module you just finished.

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Our focus is skill-building. Each workshop is model-based and practice-driven. 
This is accomplished by * Pre-work and Self-assessment  * Using a “tell-show-do-feedback” methodology * Completing skill practices in each module * Personalized feedback * Ending each module with an action-plan and post-assessment.