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Leadership Skills (Classroom)

Classroom Workshop (3 days)

This program can be delivered in-house or online. CLICK HERE for online description.

Course Modules:

Description of Modules

MODULE 1: Communicating

Speaking and Listening 

In the past, listening was defined as a one-step, passive process.  With today’s environment of high-performance work teams and empowerment, it is critical that listening becomes an active process – one that results in full comprehension, appreciation, and cooperation.  In this module, you learn to master active listening in the stages it occurs: awareness, attending, interpreting, and perception checking.


  • Understand the communication cycle
  • Learn the standard when speaking
  • Clarify misunderstandings before speaking by using perception checking
  • Learn how to invite a response from others in order to gauge their reaction to your input

MODULE 2: Making Agreements

Getting results with and through others

It happens all too often.  We give others a project and a deadline, yet, the work is not completed on time.  Or, it is not done correctly.  Or, even worse, it is not done at all!  This module prevents negative outcomes and assures positive ones by acknowledging the fact that successful delegation depends on collaboration and, when necessary, problem-solving.  You learn how to lead a discussion so that others clearly understand what you need from them, define the tools and information needed to get the job done, and follow up to ensure that steady progress is being made.


  • Learn an effective way to delegate responsibilities in a collaborative manner
  • Improve how you prepare for a delegation meeting
  • Lead the above discussion so that others clearly understand what you need from them
  • Discuss potential obstacles that could get in the way of getting what you need
  • Develop effective ways to follow-up that ensure things will get done

MODULE 3: Care-Fronting 

Following up on broken commitments

How can we have a productive meeting with someone who has broken his or her commitment to us? How do we hold them accountable in a respectful manner and get them to honor their commitment? You learn how to get uncommitted, yet capable people back on track. You learn how to assess when it is appropriate to have this meeting, how to prepare for it, and how to handle the emotions that may arise. Ultimately you learn how to assure a successful outcome even when at times you need to bring up consequences.


  • Assess when it is appropriate to address another person when they break their commitment to you
  • Learn how to hold a person accountable after they break their commitment
  • Learn the appropriate steps in order to prepare for this meeting
  • Learn how to handle emotions that result from this process, before, during, and after the meeting
  • Identify the consequences you are willing to execute if others are not willing to re-commit

MODULE 4: Guiding Others 

Helping others solve their own problems

In this module, you learn how to apply active listening to help solve problems, by focusing on helpful and positive ways of responding to people who need your help.


  • Facilitate a meeting through problem resolution with another person
  • Determine the core problem or issue
  • Gauge the timing of your input so you don’t interfere in the other person’s process

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Our focus is skill-building. Each workshop is model-based and practice-driven. 
This is accomplished by * Pre-work and Self-assessment  * Using a “tell-show-do-feedback” methodology * Completing skill practices in each module * Personalized feedback * Ending each module with an action-plan and post-assessment