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Meeting Management & Facilitation Skills

Preparing and Leading Effective Meetings

Classroom Workshop (2 days)

Workshop Description

If there was one thing a company could change to improve its performance, this is where it should look. The goal of any meeting is to accomplish the work, maximize participation, and achieve the desired outcome. Yet most people groan at the thought of attending another meeting because most meetings are mismanaged. They get off-track, are interrupted, take too much time, have unclear agendas, and lack effective leadership. This workshop is designed for any leader in a position of facilitating meetings. Participants learn how to plan, organize, and conduct meetings that flow smoothly and quickly, maximize participation, and achieve desired outcomes. Throughout the workshop, participants practice the skills of facilitation in one-on-one scenarios as well as team settings; participants receive personalized feedback during each practice. By practicing and receiving feedback, participants are one step closer to applying the skills at their next meeting, and that’s what matters most.


  • Learn the basics for planning and preparing for meetings
  • Facilitate meetings to maximize participation and achieve desired outcomes
  • Practice how to involve all participants in generating ideas and solutions
  • Practice how to open and close all meetings
  • Learn to give clear directions through “guiding statements”
  • Learn how to stay calm while addressing a problem
  • Address individuals who violate team norms in a manner that’s supportive and professional

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Our focus is skill-building. Each workshop is model-based and practice-driven. 
This is accomplished by * Pre-work and Self-assessment  * Using a “tell-show-do-feedback” methodology * Completing skill practices in each module * Personalized feedback * Ending each module with an action-plan and post-assessment