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Leadership Skills for Team Leads

“Being able to practice made so much of a difference and I’ve been able to put my delegation skills into practice successfully. I think every leader should go through this course. It’s an eye-opener, especially dealing with human defensiveness. I now have tools for handling conflicts while keeping emotions at bay.” 

“As a certified project manager, I have proven my ability to be a successful project leader, but after taking LSTL it reminded me of the importance of communication and listening. I can have the world’s greatest technical skills, but without the skills taught by PerspectiveView, I would not be as effective as a project leader.”

“This was probably the most effective course that I’ve taken. I was able to recognize and apply the skills/information that was taught. The workbook and ‘reminder’ cards will be useful as an easy way to refresh and reinforce the learning.”

“The simulations were very effective because the instructors provided actionable feedback. I highly recommend this class for all Test Leads – the skills you learn apply to both your work & personal life – I’ve already applied them!!”

 Skills for Sales Professionals

“Thank you for presenting this to our team. I’ve been a member of the Moen Sales Team for many years and out of all the training I’ve taken, SSP is one of the very best. I really appreciate the professional approach, the relaxed atmosphere, and the attention you gave to each sales associate’s needs.”

“The Profile, Problem, Penalty, Pay-off (PPPP formula) shows the prospect that I listened to his needs and creates rationale and interest for my pitch (sales solution). This was better than any consultative selling book I could have read…and I’ve read plenty. It’s now a year later & I am still reaping the positive impact with increased sales.”

Meeting Management

“The breakout sessions with immediate feedback from the instructors are extremely valuable. The course has a perfect blend of teaching information and practice.”

“This was one of the most beneficial communication and meeting facilitation courses I have ever experienced. Should be required training for facilitators.  I plan to use BARGE and DEAR often.”

“I questioned the whole perception checking concept… so I figured I’d concentrate on this aspect and this is what happened: by not being a solution provider, people spoke freely and all thoughts were captured… and my sponsor was thrilled with the outcome of the meeting.”

“Yesterday, I had to facilitate a very important and potentially unfriendly [meeting]. Using the skills I learned from your workshop, I was able to maintain control of the meeting and achieve a well-balanced solution. Even my boss complimented me. Thank you!”  

Presentation Skills

“One of the best 1-day courses I have ever taken. I have had a lot of experience with talking in front of groups and this class gave some really good pointers to be even better. The videotaping was very effective because I viewed my presentation privately right after doing it. I can honestly say I took a lot away from this class and I will apply in the future.”

“I liked practicing the skills with an empathic coach. It gave me confidence in my abilities to deliver an effective presentation.”