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Presentation Skills

Organizing and Delivering an Effective Presentation

Classroom Workshop (1 day)

Workshop Description

A presentation is a presentation — whether it’s a five-minute conversation or a two-hour lecture. The success of the individual and the organization is on the line because even a great idea can be ignored if it isn’t presented in the right way. No matter what the subject is or the size of the audience, when leaders and associates complete this workshop, they will be able to deliver a well-organized presentation with visual aids that gets their point across and keeps the audience’s attention. They learn ways to manage nervousness and become more attuned to the needs of the audience. How to sharpen voice projection, make presentations interactive, and handle difficult questions are important skills practiced and videotaped. Participants view their presentations privately during the workshop and take home an SD card for future reference.


  • Learn ways to manage nervousness
  • Acquire the standards of good body language
  • Sharpen voice projection
  • Learn a general format for any presentation
  • Handle audience questions

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Our focus is skill-building. Each workshop is model-based and practice-driven. 
This is accomplished by * Pre-work and Self-assessment  * Using a “tell-show-do-feedback” methodology * Completing skill practices in each module * Personalized feedback * Ending each module with an action-plan and post-assessment